CLO: Bob Baker

Meet Our Chief Learning Officer!

We are pleased to announce that Bob Baker will be serving as the Chief Learning Officer of The MASIE Center & Learning CONSORTIUM starting on June 6, 2011.

Many of you have already met and worked with Bob, in his role as a CONSORTIUM Member, representing the CIA.  Bob Baker served in the Central Intelligence Agency for over 31 years as both an Intelligence Analyst and later as a Learning Leader.  He served most recently at the Deputy Chief Learning Officer.  His work in learning has focused on a variety of topics including leadership development, instructor development, intelligence-related substantive issues, on-boarding, and learning strategy. In his role as an analyst, Bob has worked on a variety of global issues impacting our national security and conducted assessments of potential future threats.

He is known as an innovative leader who has successfully led multiple initiatives that advanced learning’s impact in the CIA.  He enjoys spending time with his wife and with his young adult daughter and son.

“Bob Baker will bring a unique analytical and creative approach to the work of our Learning CONSORTIUM.  Over the past 6 years, I have collaborated with Bob on CONSORTIUM Projects and efforts in the U.S. Intelligence Community.  As your CLO, Bob will be leading key efforts within the CONSORTIUM, serving as a coach on innovation and learning strategy and working closely with our team to plan activities, events and benchmarking efforts,”
said Elliott Masie

Here is a note from Bob Baker about his new role as CLO:

“I am truly excited to be joining the MASIE Center and Learning CONSORTIUM as your Chief Learning Officer.  Through my years as an active member of the CONSORTIUM, I have gained a great appreciation of the talent we bring to our learning work and of the exciting opportunities that lie ahead for us.   I am really looking forward to spending more time working with you.

I have spent nearly two decades in learning leadership positions at the Central Intelligence Agency, where a commitment to learning is essential to our effectiveness.  During my time in the Agency I have been a part of developing learning opportunities that have enabled our Agency to perform some amazing work to protect our country and support our national foreign policy.   I have seen first-hand what good learning can do!

I believe this is a particularly exciting time to be in the learning field!  The infusion of learning technologies, for example, has given us the opportunity to address learning challenges in new and exciting ways—more focused on individual learning needs and available when and where needed.  I also believe that many organizations are understanding as never before, the value of strong learning programs—opening the door for us in the learning field to have greater impact.  And, I see us responding with great thinking and new ideas that inevitably will result in changes that will greatly enhance learning.

I love working at the “cutting edge” of anything that I am involved in.  I believe that as I join you in this role, together we have the opportunity to explore where the learning field needs to go and where we as learning professionals can grow and have greatest impact.  I am a collaborator by nature and look forward to making connections to expand awareness of new and exciting activities. 

At my core, I am a life-long learner and an analyst.  I thrive on continually learning new things and seeing things in new and deeper ways.  I love learning through sharing and discussing ideas.  I am always up for the chance to try something new.  And, I see being an experimenter as part of being a life-long learner.”

Bob Baker will be starting full time on June 6th.  He will work from Virginia and spend time with us at The MASIE Center in Saratoga Springs as well as visiting members around the globe.  His email is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and his phone number is (703) 272-3700.

Please reach out and welcome Bob to his new role as our Chief Learning Officer.