CLO & Learning Strategy Coaching

elliott masie300hEach year, Elliott Masie serves as a coach to a handful of CLOs and Executives of Global Organizations as they define and dramatically evolve their Learning Strategy.

As a COACH rather than a CONSULTANT, Elliott's role is to support and contextualize the focus of the senior Learning Executive in the organization.

Weekly conversations, email interactions and occasional video interactions are conducted with the CLO or Vice President of Learning in the organization. Here are some of the topics that Elliott has worked on in these coaching relationships:

  • Outsourcing of Learning Services
  • Should We Create/Close a Corporate University
  • Shared Learning Services Models
  • Benchmarking Assistance
  • Beyond ROI
  • Building Corporate (CEO and Board) Support for Learning
  • Trust in Learning Function
  • Retention Issues
  • Preparing for Learning Globalization
  • LMS Pain Points
  • My Role as a CLO

Learning Executive Coaching is a unique relationship. Our goal is not to make this into a long-term assignment or to use it to "upsell" consulting solutions. The only measure of success is the increased effectiveness of the CLO or the real implementation of a new Learning Strategy.

Send a confidential note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information, rates and criteria.