Performance Support Strategies

We will explore several Performance Support strategies. 

For each one, we will:

  • Experiment with, use and evaluate Performance Support tools and methodologies.
  • Detail the current and near-future opportunities for deploying these Performance Support approaches in your organizations. We will provide development, deployment and learning methodology specifics and case studies.
  • Explore the implications for using each Performance Support approach in a wide range of content and context situations.
  • Dialogue with experts from around the world (by video and in person) who are creating effective Performance Support approaches.
  • Separate the reality from hype, as well as tackle organizational resistance and hurdles to creating change in this arena.

In addition, we will do an in-depth working analysis of these key issues:

  • Developing an effective Performance Support strategy that you can take back to your business and immediately begin implementing.
  • Understand the five optimal moments of learning need and align your existing tools and strategies, as well as new approaches, to these critical learning opportunities.
  • Discuss how to integrate Performance Support into an existing ILT strategy.
  • Understand the cultural aspects of an effective Performance Support implementation. Designing and implementing tools is not enough. A learning culture change needs to occur!

The Performance Support event will extend for six months beyond your time in our Learning LAB in Saratoga Springs. Bob Baker, Bob Mosher and Conrad Gottfredson will provide ongoing dialogues, online collaboration and continued research with the members of this group. We will send you home with content and projects to share with your colleagues. You will be part of a highly active Performance Support Community!