Performer Support Overview


The MASIE Center is pleased to invite you to our Lab-Based Seminar:

Hosted by: Bob Baker
Taught by: Conrad Gottfredson & Bob Mosher
January 18-20, 2012 : Saratoga Springs, NY


We believe that organizations can no longer afford to be without a Performance Support strategy. Business is moving faster than ever and knowledge and information are abundant. Many organizations' existing learning strategies just aren't generating their projected uptake with effectiveness and immediacy. Fingertip Knowledge is becoming increasingly available and commonplace in many organizations and there is a very real and pressing need to develop a plan that will support learning where it truly occurs: at the moment of need. And, we see Workplace GPS as a great metaphor for performance support because, like the GPS in your car, it provides learning resources embedded and integrated into the workplace. We believe there will increasingly be ways to use “Workforce GPS” as part of the skilling process and making knowledge available.

What do we mean by Performance Support?

  • Tools & Systems to Deliver Learning at the Moment of Need • Electronic & Paper-Based Job Aids
  • Fingertip Knowledge (eg. communities of practice, online search…)
  • Rapid Authoring Systems from Subject Matter Experts, Including Multi-Channel Publishing