MASIE Services


masie-inside-2The MASIE Center

is an international ThinkTank focused on the changing workforce and how they will learn and perform. Here is what we do (and what we don't do!):


Keynote Presentations:

Elliott Masie delivers several dozen keynote speeches each year to a wide range of organizations. Here are some of the topics that we present:

  • Working in a "Flatter" World
  • Learning!!!
  • Next Generation Workers and Silver Workers
  • Social Networking as a Tool for Performance
  • Fingertip Knowledge
  • Working Digitally and Globally!

Consulting Services:

The MASIE Center provides short-term, laser-like consulting for organizations that are either implementing new learning solutions or companies that are developing/refining products for the learning marketplace. Ninety percent of our assignments involve a one-day onsite visit and include pre- and post-telephone/video conferencing contact. Here are some examples of these paid services:

  • Review of products prior to launch for quality assessment
  • Analysis of organizational readiness for new models of learning
  • Executive sessions with senior decision makers on strategic planning for learning and training approaches
  • Third-Party review of major learning projects
  • Re-inventing training and learning missions within organizations

What The MASIE Center Does NOT Do:

  • Endorse specific products.
  • Develop multi-media projects for clients.
  • Serve on Boards of Directors of training and learning companies.
  • Recruit new hires or provide career counseling.
  • Advocate for specific models of organizational change.

Please contact Cathy Masie if you would like more information about these services: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , 518-350-2230.